A Changed Life: Meet Alex from Uganda

Orphans+Uganda+Sponsorship+Testimonies // July 2, 2019 //

Alex K, Sponsorship Program Graduate, Western Uganda

When we met Alex in 2008 and enrolled him in the Sponsorship Program, his life was in a dark place. He had lost his father the year before due to HIV/AIDS. His mother, whose health had also severely deteriorated due to HIV, was fighting to stay alive and provide for her two young children.

Alex’s mother was able to begin receiving medical care for HIV through the Sponsorship Program and quickly responded to the treatment. Yet despite the new life opportunities provided for him through his sponsors, young Alex still struggled in his heart. He tried to skip school, and was known for being disrespectful to his teachers and others. By 2012, he was nearly expelled by his secondary school due to his serious disciplinary record. But the Covenant Mercies staff in Kiburara (Uganda) did not give up on him.

Alex, 2008

The following year, the Lord opened Alex’s heart to the gospel. He immediately joined a discipleship course offered through our indigenous local church partners. The good fruit of the gospel in Alex’s life was evident. By the end of 2013, he had transformed into one of the most disciplined and trustworthy students at his school. He was appointed Head Boy, a role only given to exemplary student leaders. He even went on a mission trip to Eastern Uganda to share the gospel with other students.

“My life changed when I got saved in 2013 and was introduced to the gospel and discipleship. Jesus humbled me and now I value my life and the support I receive from Covenant Mercies which is by grace… my mother also receives HIV care through Covenant Mercies and she is very healthy and strong… I am so grateful to God for changing my life and favoring me, and to Covenant Mercies for extending the helping hand of God to me. I will never be the same again.”

-Alex, 2016

Alex helps with water system at future Hope Community Primary School

Alex later graduated from Nyamitanga Technical Institute in Mbarara, Uganda, with honors and a certificate in Plumbing. He has used the skills he learned to help install the water system for Covenant Mercies’ new school, Hope Community Primary.

Alex, 2019

Alex has since returned to school and is currently working towards a diploma in water engineering. He returns every holiday to volunteer with our Kiburara offices.