A Visit to Hope Community Primary School: New Video

Orphans+Uganda+Education+Updates+Western Uganda Primary School // May 23, 2019 //

Through the Orphan Sponsorship Program, Covenant Mercies addresses poverty in the lives of fatherless children, and dismantles barriers to their education. Sponsors provide for their child’s school fees and supplies. Children receive nutritious meals and medical treatment, so that they can stay healthy and in school. We even work alongside our indigenous partners to challenge common cultural practices, like child marriage, in order to protect young girls and enable them to complete their education.

In spite of all this, an issue remains: in rural Western Uganda (home to over 450 of our sponsored children) local primary schools are overcrowded and inadequately equipped to meet the needs of the population, especially those of the most vulnerable children in the community.

That’s why we are building Hope Community Primary School, which will serve hundreds of students in Pre-K to Grade 7. We are delighted to share a new video with you, allowing you to take a virtual walk through our future campus.

“I live in Kiburara… I thank God to see that they are building for us a school here where our children will [be] taught well and also learn how to love and serve God. I thank God so much for the mighty thing he has done for us. I thank the leaders who take care of our children… May the good Lord continue leading you.”

-Annet Mushabe, guardian of four sponsored children

Will you partner with us in this project, and help bring a quality education to the children of Kiburara, Uganda? To make a gift today, please visit covenantmercies.org/donate and select “Hope Community Primary School (Western Uganda)” from the Campaign box.