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Nearly 1,800 children in Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Liberia are currently enrolled in our Orphan Sponsorship Program. Through indigenous local church partnerships and the generosity of Covenant Mercies sponsors, these children receive an education, living supplies, nutrition, vocational counseling, healthcare, Christian teaching, mentorship, and more. To sponsor a child today, click here.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty


Covenant Mercies seeks to break multi-generational cycles of poverty in the lives of orphaned children, and restore them to everything God has created them to be as His image-bearers (Genesis 1:27). The elements of the poverty cycle include: Lack of care, resources, and stable income; malnutrition and inadequate healthcare; barriers to quality education and the development of vocational skills.

Restoring Children to Everything

God Created Them to Be



Education is at the core of the Orphan Sponsorship Program and essential in order to break the cycle of poverty. Our goal is that every sponsored child would be able to learn in classrooms with well-trained instructors, small teacher/student ratios, and access to fundamental supplies.

Personal Care- We collaborate with guardians and teachers to develop tailored learning plans for each child, based on the child’s gifts and interests. Caseworkers monitor each child’s progress and offer supplementary tutoring opportunities as needed.

Quality Schools- In developing countries, local school environments are not always conducive to learning, due to over-crowding or limited resources. When appropriate educational environments are not available, we pursue opportunities to build and develop schools.

Foundations for Growth- Sponsored children on vocational tracks receive a toolkit of job supplies at the time of graduation. We also assist them in apprenticeship placement. Students pursuing higher education may apply to the Mapalo Scholarship Fund.
Health & Wellness

In the developing world, extreme poverty can result in malnutrition and high vulnerability to common diseases, such as malaria. Additionally, the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa has affected many children and their guardians.

We desire for each child in Covenant Mercies to live full, healthy, productive lives. In addition to medical care, we provide hygiene and disease prevention education. When acceptable healthcare facilities are unavailable in our program areas, we build on-site medical clinics. Caseworkers also visit children in their homes and schools regularly, to ensure safe and healthy family environments.


Hope & Outreach
As we work with indigenous local churches to serve orphans in their communities, we seek to point our children to one who is the “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows,” (Psalm 68:5). Staff members and church partners regularly share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our sponsored children and their guardians. One Saturday a month, we offer “Enrichment Days.” These much-anticipated events include food, tutoring opportunities, and fun playtime activities. As a part of our evangelistic efforts, Enrichment Days also include times of Bible teaching, fellowship, discipleship, and the sharing of testimonies.



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