Church Teams & Participants


Please reach out to if you’d like to put a church team together. Here’s a list of the 2023 church teams and team contacts:

– Brandywine Grace Church (Downingtown, PA)      Team contact: Corey J.

– Covenant of Grace Church (Copley, Ohio)                Team contact: Scott H.

– Covenant Fellowship Church (Glen Mills, PA)         Team contact: Hilary D.

– Crossway Church (Lancaster, PA)                              Team contact: Jared R.

– Lakeview Christian Center (New Orleans, LA)        Team contact: Abi L. 

– Living Hope Church (Middletown, PA)                     Team contact: Katlyn D.

– Redeemer Fellowship (Newark, DE)                          Team contact: Brad P.

– Redeeming Grace Church (Mechanicsburg, PA)     Team contact: Jody M.

– Redemption Hill Church (Round Rock, TX)            Team contact: Reese P.

– Risen Hope Church (Prospect Park, PA)                   Team contact: Victor K.

– Sovereign Grace Church (Aurora, CO)                       Team contact: David P.