Learning skills to read and succeed in Liberia

Orphans+Education+Sponsorship+Liberia // September 5, 2023 //

Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors, our children in Liberia will return to school more prepared than ever this year. Since most had not attended school consistently prior to their sponsorship, over 80% of our children were essentially illiterate when assessed for their reading skills during the past school year. As a result, we decided to capitalize on the summer break by offering a reading course in collaboration with an organization called Read Liberia.

During the months of July and August, more than 40 students have attended full-day classes, five days per week, in phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension. By providing lunch each day, we have addressed nutritional needs while also motivating faithful attendance.

In addition, we have funded the participation of three GraceLife Academy teachers, so they could be trained in Read Liberia’s method of teaching phonics. We trust this will serve the students of GraceLife Academy for many years to come.

Providing a quality education to our sponsored children is an integral part of our intervention in their lives, and frequently involves helping them catch up after years out of school. Thank you for your generous support of these efforts.