A Special Visit in Addis Ababa: Meeting Tinbite

Orphans+Ethiopia+Sponsorship+Testimonies // March 27, 2019 //

Brittany Kauflin with her sponsored child, Tinbite, and Tinbite’s mother

A few months ago I took my friend, Nora (10 years old), to see one of her favorite artists in concert. During the intermission they had a ministry present sponsorship opportunities for orphans in other countries. Nora, with her soft heart, turned to me and asked, “Britt-Britt, why don’t you sponsor one of these kids?” I told her that I had actually been thinking about sponsoring a child through a ministry I knew and trusted (Covenant Mercies) and I promised her that night that I would look into sponsoring a child through Covenant Mercies.

Life moved at warp speed (as it tends to do) and a month later I still hadn’t made good on my promise (even with Nora prompting me every so often). However, at that time, I happened to run into Doug Hayes at a conference. I told him of my plans to go to Ethiopia soon to visit friends and he mentioned that Covenant Mercies had registered a number of new Ethiopian children for their Sponsorship Program. He said there was a small chance, if everything worked out, that I could meet my sponsored child while I was in Addis Ababa the following month. So, I finally took action and got matched up with an Ethiopian girl named Tinbite, who just so happened to be the same age as Nora.

A month later in the Lord’s kindness, I found myself sitting in an office across from a precious young girl and her mother. Tinbite was very shy, with a big smile. I got to give her a bracelet I had made for her. Tinbite’s sweet mother was very warm and profusely grateful. We hugged many times. I had learned a few words in Amharic so I was able to exchange a greeting with them. It was one of those poignant moments, thinking back over how many “just so happened” moments led to my meeting her on the other side of the world. I got to tell Tinbite the whole story of how our meeting came about. I told her of God’s love for her and my love for her and my plans to continue to sponsor her as long as she needs it. I told her of Nora and how she and I would pray for her. Because of all the grace God had shown me, it was my joy and honor to provide for her in a small way.  It was a sweet time. And just like that, it was over. A day later I was on a plane flying back to America and Tinbite was back to school in Addis.

It’s so tempting to go about my busy days here in Louisville, KY, hardly stopping to take a breath, unaware of the opportunities regularly crossing my path to be used by the Redeemer in His beautiful, intricate purposes. That’s why I am joyously grateful for Doug Hayes and the team at Covenant Mercies for their faithful labor “on the ground” to be a connecting point for this kind of ministry to take place. Isn’t God kind?