University students share the “blessing” of Mapalo Scholarships [Video]

Orphans+Testimonies+Mapalo Scholarship Fund // December 11, 2023 //

“You’ve given me a hope. With that reason, I will also be a hope to someone.” These are the words spoken by Judith Nisima at the conclusion of the video below. Earlier this year, Judith became one of 15 Mapalo Scholarship awardees who have now graduated with a university degree. 

Several years ago, as we anticipated the first wave of graduates from our Orphan Sponsorship Program, we could see that some had the capacity to pursue higher education. Rather than establish a new entitlement for all our sponsored children, we devised a system that would reward the hard work and invest in the potential of those most likely to capitalize on the opportunity. To obtain a Mapalo Scholarship, our students need to maintain high grades, demonstrate strong Christian character, and submit an essay explaining why a contribution toward their further education is a sound investment. In short, they need to earn it. 

Since we launched the program in 2016, the Mapalo Scholarship Fund has provided university education to 45 Sponsorship Program graduates and counting, including 29 currently under scholarship. We sat down with several of them for interviews, so they could express in their own words the impact of this opportunity on their lives. Please click below to watch, and marvel with us at what the Lord has done!