Lighthouse Christian School Expansion Project

Orphans+Zambia+Lighthouse Christian School // June 9, 2020 //


Covenant Mercies began partnering with Lighthouse Christian School in 2006, with the shared vision of providing quality Christian education to orphaned children living in the shanty settlements surrounding Ndola, Zambia.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Lighthouse Christian School was able to move into its current campus in 2012, and open a second classroom building in 2016 as the school continued to expand. The ability to read and write is the most basic building block of education, without which there can be no quality education. Yet in the Ndola communities where we serve over 400 sponsored children, the local literacy rate is just 15.5%. There are no public libraries, and most of the children do not own or have access to any books at home. In fact, many of them are being raised by grandparents who are illiterate.



With this in mind, we are embarking on our third major infrastructure project with Lighthouse Christian School. This new building will house a library, computer lab, science lab, multi-purpose hall, infirmary, kitchen, and several additional classroom and office spaces. These added features are vital to the mission and vision of Covenant Mercies, as we seek to invest into the educational development of our sponsored children who attend Lighthouse. With the new building, we envision significant improvement to the quality of education provided at Lighthouse Christian School. For the first time, students and teachers will have access to over 2,500 supplementary books that can be taken home or used in classroom teaching. The computer and science labs will open up brand new possibilities for the school curriculum. Not only will this new building radically improve local literacy rates, our hope is that it will also open up a whole new world of information that will have a significant impact on the lives of thousands of children in the years to come. Please view the following video for more details on this project.


Please view the following video for more details on this project, or visit our donate page to contribute. Funds will be used to support the purchase of equipment and furnishing for the new building, including library books, computers, desks, chairs, and kitchen equipment. 



Gifts by check may be made payable to Covenant Mercies with “Lighthouse Christian School” in the memo line, and mailed to One Fellowship Drive, Glen Mills, PA 19342.