A Covenant Mercies Story: Kalkidan

Orphans+Ethiopia+Sponsorship+Testimonies // February 28, 2024 //

As a young girl, Kalkidan lost both of her parents and was raised by her grandparents. After she and her sister were enrolled in our Orphan Sponsorship Program, our staff began to  suspect that Kalkidan was living with HIV. She was frequently ill and displayed many of the typical symptoms. But when they requested to take Kalkidan for HIV testing, they were met with resistance. Due to the stigma too often associated with HIV+ status, Kalkidan’s grandmother wouldn’t allow her to be tested. For a time, she even tried to hide Kalkidan from our staff when they would come to visit.   

Before long, Kalidan became so sick that she was barely hanging onto life. At this point, her grandmother relented. Our CM team jumped into action, and testing quickly confirmed what everyone already suspected – Kalkidan was HIV+ and her immunity was dangerously low. By God’s grace and through the prayers of the CM staff, Kalkidan responded well to ART (anti-retroviral therapy). Her health miraculously returned, and even her grandmother could do nothing but celebrate the mercy of God in sparing her life. 

After her immediate medical crisis subsided, Kalkidan struggled to accept living with HIV. She went through periods where she would stop taking her medication and skip her doctor’s appointments. She didn’t want to face the challenges of the daily battle. But the CM staff continued to pray for her and encourage her that her life was worth fighting for.

Kalkidan eventually began going to church along with her older sister, and she gave her life to Jesus. While she faced persecution from her friends and neighbors, she learned that the love of Christ is worth the cost. Kalkidan said,

“I gained an understanding that God is bigger than everything. The Holy Spirit has taught me so many things, and I began experiencing the peace of God. I learned that the Lord has a plan for me, and I am now serving him. I know I cannot reciprocate what God has done in my life, but I am forever indebted to him and will continue to praise him forever.”

Kalkidan recently graduated from Secondary School and is pursuing a vocational diploma in hairstyling. She also serves the Lord by singing in her church choir. You can view Kalkidan’s inspiring story here: