A Covenant Mercies Story: Ivan

Uganda+Sponsorship+Testimonies // June 4, 2024 //

Here at Covenant Mercies, nothing brings us as much joy as seeing the children we serve overcome hopelessness and challenges faced at a very early age in life to become self-sufficient, productive and thriving members of their communities. Ivan Imongin is tangible proof that the cycle of poverty can be broken.

Ivan’s father died of tuberculosis in 1999 when he was only one year old. Ivan and his six siblings were placed in the care of his paternal uncle as their mother was not in position to care for them. When Covenant Mercies established its work in eastern Uganda, Ivan’s uncle was able to enroll Ivan and his younger brother in the Sponsorship Program.

During his time in the Sponsorship Program, Ivan (left) was guided and mentored by Covenant Mercies case worker Elijah Wereberi.

Ivan was a dedicated student, and with the guidance and encouragement of Covenant Mercies staff, he excelled at his studies. He eventually joined a technical institute to earn a certification in electrical engineering. Currently Ivan is gainfully employed by a private electrical company and works as their senior technician for both domestic and industrial wiring.

Upon his graduation, Covenant Mercies provided a “climber” (harness) for Ivan, which has been an essential tool in his electrical work.

Ivan is grateful to God for bringing Covenant Mercies to his community. He said, “The Sponsorship Program has given me the opportunity to achieve my dreams of becoming an electrical engineer. I am also very appreciative of the care and the spiritual support from the Covenant Mercies staff. This has helped me grow my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Through his employment, Ivan has been able to save enough money to acquire some land for his mother to farm and generate some income to support herself. He is very grateful to God for the ability to take care of his mother and help educate his other relatives.

Ivan’s uncle, who faithfully acted as his guardian until he graduated, is very proud of his nephew. He is thankful for the Sponsorship Program for educating his nephew and also imparting Christian values in his life. He stated, “Covenant Mercies has helped shape the character of Ivan. His life now has meaning, and he is productive. I am glad to report that Ivan is an asset and not a liability. He has a sense of integrity, and he loves and fears the Lord with his heart.”