Meet Denis and Juliet from Kiburara, Uganda

Orphans+Uganda+Sponsorship+Testimonies // April 1, 2017 //

When Denis was just eight years old, his father passed away in a motor vehicle accident. Over the years, his mother, Juliet, struggled to provide for Denis and his five siblings. In 2015, his family was enrolled in the Sponsorship Program. As Denis’ guardian, Juliet receives counseling through Covenant Mercies. When her family received unexpected funds, our Uganda team helped them find and invest in income-generating solutions. They purchased goats and a plot of land to turn into a sustainable farm of their own.

Denis and his goats

During a home visit from Covenant Mercies staff, Program Coordinator Moses Nkwatsibwe shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with the family. Juliet and her whole household responded to the Good News that day. They were later baptized, and became members at one of our indigenous partner churches in the community.

Juliet and Denis

At the time, Juliet was running a local bar of ill repute. In faith, she closed the bar, renovated the space, and turned it into a grocery store, where she can also sell produce from their farm. Denis’ and Juliet’s lives are now marked by the joy of Christ. Furthermore, Juliet has fully embraced positive stewardship and the values of sustainability to the glory of God and the good of her children.