A Story of Hope: Charles [Video]

Zambia+Testimonies+Lighthouse Christian School+Mapalo Scholarship Fund // October 2, 2023 //

It’s a pleasure to share our latest video release with you! This video features Charles Mwanza, a Sponsorship Program graduate and one of our very first Mapalo scholars. I have known Charles since he was just a young boy in our program, and I couldn’t be more proud of the mature, Christian young man that he has become. What a joy it is to see how God has transformed Charles’ life from one of severe hardship to one filled with joy and hope.

In the video, Charles expresses his appreciation, “Words alone can’t really express how I feel towards God, for what he has been doing in my life. It’s not easy sponsoring a child whom you’ve never even met before. So I’m really grateful for that. I count it to be a blessing.”