Thanks to an outpouring of generosity at the end of 2014, the first quarter of this year included significant progress toward the completion of our new facility on the campus of Lighthouse Christian School.  The building is now completely roofed, and plumbing and electrical works have commenced in the interior.

We remain with about $30,000 left to raise toward the completion of this project, with a goal of gaining occupancy of the new building by August of this year.  As always, it’s important to remember that our aim here isn’t to build impressive structures; it’s to change young lives.  Recently on our Facebook page, we have posted several brief video testimonials and words of thanks from children in our program (including some who have attended Lighthouse).  If you haven’t yet “liked” Covenant Mercies on Facebook, please consider doing that so we can more easily keep you informed.   

If you would like to contribute toward the project at Lighthouse Christian School, please click here.  We are grateful for your support!