April 2015 Update on Lighthouse Christian School

By The Covenant Mercies Team
Education Orphan Sponsorship Zambia

Thanks to an outpouring of generosity at the end of 2014, the first quarter of this year included significant progress toward the completion of our new facility on the campus of Lighthouse Christian School.  The building is now completely roofed, and plumbing and electrical works have commenced in the interior.

We remain with about $30,000 left to raise toward the completion of this project, with a goal of gaining occupancy of the new building by August of this year.  As always, it’s important to remember that our aim here isn’t to build impressive structures; it’s to change young lives.  Recently on our Facebook page, we have posted several brief video testimonials and words of thanks from children in our program (including some who have attended Lighthouse).  If you haven’t yet “liked” Covenant Mercies on Facebook, please consider doing that so we can more easily keep you informed.   

If you would like to contribute toward the project at Lighthouse Christian School, please click here.  We are grateful for your support!

Persevering in Good Works in Ethiopia

By Doug Hayes, Ethiopia
Country Facts Ethiopia Orphan Sponsorship

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9).

Some stories are encouraging precisely because, at other points in the storyline, they weren’t so encouraging at all.  Such is the case with Mesay, a sixteen year-old girl in Covenant Mercies’ program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (pictured above with Program Coordinator, Hilina Atlabachew). 

About this time last year, Mesay’s sponsors contacted us to inquire about her profile update, and ask how they could pray for her.  It was a timely request.  At that moment, Mesay was in the midst of a great struggle.  After a major fight with her mother, Mesay had dropped out of school and turned to living on the streets with a group of friends.  While such behavior would result in the discontinuation of her sponsorship if it persisted, we hoped that Mesay might still be guided back onto the right path.  Hilina Atlabachew, Covenant Mercies Program Coordinator in Addis, tried in vain to counsel Mesay on multiple occasions.  We asked Mesay’s sponsors to pray, especially when we learned that Hilina had another meeting scheduled.

The meeting did not begin well.  Mesay came to the meeting with the intention of telling Hilina she would not return to school, she would not move back in with her mother, and she would be perfectly happy to discontinue her sponsorship and live on the street with her friends.  After encountering such strong resistance in the first half of their meeting, Hilina decided to pray with Mesay.  Hilina concluded her prayer and began to discuss the same issues again.  Miraculously, it was as if Hilina was talking to an entirely different person.  God had softened Mesay’s heart.  By the conclusion of the meeting, Mesay wrote goals about reconciling with her mother, returning to school, and saying goodbye permanently to her friends on the street.

It has now been more than nine months since that meeting.  The transformation in Mesay’s heart has stood the test of time.  Her relationships with her mother and siblings are strong.  She is enrolled in school for both academics and vocational studies, where she is learning to be a hairstylist.  She has stayed away from the temptations of the street.  She is now attending church regularly, is taking a discipleship class, and professes faith in Christ.  Through the faithful, patient, and prayerful support of her Covenant Mercies sponsors combined with Hilina’s persevering, loving counsel, the Lord has transformed Mesay’s life.

Your Support Is Changing Lives!

By Doug Hayes
Orphan Sponsorship Uganda

Your Support Is Changing Lives!

I want to share with you the story of James Omoding, a sponsored child who began with Covenant Mercies in 2003.

James is from the Pallisa District located in Eastern Uganda.  Upon his registration for our program and assignment to a sponsor, James relocated to Nagongera to be closer to Covenant Mercies staff and attend school.  By God’s grace and through the faithful giving of his sponsor, James was able to graduate from secondary school and go on to pursue an institutional certificate in plumbing.

Fast forward 12 years from his start in our program, and James is now living in Kampala and working for the Uganda National Water and Sewage Corporation.  Even more amazingly, he now houses and provides for two of his younger brothers, who came to live with him due to what James calls “rampant poverty and unemployment.”

Despite these tremendous practical benefits, James is quick to say that it was the spiritual enrichment that Covenant Mercies provides that profited him the most.  Weekly Bible studies, instruction in daily devotions, and attending church helped him see his need for a Savior and receive God’s free gift of salvation through Christ.

As you can see from his face, James’ life has been transformed!  The tangible support that paid for his education and helped him to learn a craft, now allows him to provide for himself and other family members.  The spiritual guidance he received from Covenant Mercies staff and a loving church family has now become a bedrock of faith in his life. 

Thank you for the role you play in your sponsored child’s life.  Just like James’ sponsors, you are providing the resources necessary to break the cycle of poverty and advance the gospel in a child’s life.

We could not do this work without you, and we are grateful for your partnership!