I have always loved the name of Lighthouse Christian School in Ndola, Zambia. 

Even in a landlocked country like Zambia many miles from any ocean, a lighthouse is a metaphor for hope in the midst of distress; a beacon of possibility in the raging sea of impossibility.  No matter how severe the storm or how high the waves, a lighthouse is a welcome guide for a tossed and disoriented vessel hoping to get back on course.   

In many ways, this is a helpful picture of the role we aim to play in the lives of our sponsored children.  Each of them has been made in the image and likeness of God, with gifts and abilities that will flourish if given the opportunity.  But the hardships of life have thrown their development off course.  Parental loss in combination with extreme poverty is the perfect storm, making it nearly impossible for our children to right the ship on their own.  Our role is to shine that beacon of hope, reminding them of the potential of their lives and affording them the opportunity to become everything God created them to be.  We can’t calm the storms completely, but we can be a light in the midst of the fog; a means of restored hope and opportunity despite the severe trials they’ve faced in their young lives.  

This is what we aim to do in partnership with Lighthouse Christian School, and our primary means of doing it is quality Christian education.  We have written before about the importance of education in the lives of our children, and the unique opportunity we have to influence their spiritual and character development through the provision of quality Christian education.  This is the reason Covenant Mercies has partnered with Lighthouse for the past seven years, and the reason we are continuing to play a vital role in the development of the school’s infrastructure to this day.

In February 2012, we had the delight of opening a spacious 7-classroom building with Lighthouse.  Now, as the school bursts at the seams once more (with over 200 of our sponsored kids presently attending in grades K-7), we are embarking on the next project in the development of the Lighthouse campus.  This new facility will house the kindergarten and pre-K classes (leaving the existing classrooms for grades 1-7), plus a teacher’s lounge and offices, a nurse’s office, and a small kitchen for the preparation of nutritious lunches.  All in all, this building is projected to cost approximately $80,000 to complete.

I don’t know whether $80,000 sounds like a lot or a little to you.  But one thing I do know:  we are ultimately investing in something vastly more important than bricks, mortar, desks, and whiteboards.  Through our partnership with Lighthouse Christian School, we are investing in the opportunity to restore hundreds of beautiful children to becoming everything God has created them to be.  Though the raging seas have thrown them temporarily off course, God has brought us into their lives to be a means of restoration toward their ultimate purpose and destination.  As a result, I believe they will one day know him as the Father to the fatherless and praise him for his merciful intervention in their lives.  Can there be a more meaningful way to invest $80,000?

If you would like to contribute toward the next phase in the construction of Lighthouse Christian School, please click here and select "Lighthouse Christian School Project" from the drop down options.