Where do our sponsored children live?

Most of Covenant Mercies’ sponsored children have been taken in by an extended family member. Yet the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who put a roof over our children’s heads are often already struggling to provide for their own immediate families. This is where Covenant Mercies comes in with basic nutritional, medical, and educational support.

We believe it is important to keep these family relationships intact. Yet we have special cases where some children have no family to care for them. As a solution Covenant Mercies purchased 50 acres of land outside Nagongera for the construction of orphans homes.

Currently, we have five homes in operation serving 40 children, with a long-term plan to build at least eight on this land. Each home has running water and a working toilet; rare amenities in the area.  Members of our indigenous partner church serve as “family parents” to eight children in each home.

Introducing the Lohmann Family

What does the Lohmann family have to do with Covenant Mercies Children's Homes? Well, Alf Lohmann (along with his wife, Ruth, and four daughters) is helping with sustainability projects for the homes. Some possibilities of building sustainability include: fish farming, raising chickens and goats, growing food crops, preserving the food, and more.

You can read more about the Lohmann family's work here.

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